How to Promote Your music in Nigeria 2019

Good music without good promotion, its like a Great car without fuel, it definitely is not going anywhere. With the increase in young people choosing to pursue a career in music and not an equal amount of record labels and organisations to help guide them through the murky waters of the music industry and getting their song out there, it has increasingly become important for artist to learn how to promote there music today. So you have recorded this dope single, you love what you hear and people around you are giving you great feedback that this music is worth getting out there, because for all you know, your sponsor or a record label might just stumble on it and approach you for a lucrative deal. If you are hoping for something similar than this write up is for you. i will like to show you some steps you can take to get your song the much needed attention.

1. Record Great Music

I tell most of my artist at Mega Hit Zone studio when we work together that “… great music promotes itself. The first work begins with you working with the right people and producing the right sound worthy of an audience attention. Now producing a great sound does not mean producing what others are already doing or coping a kind of sound. It means working on your sound with the very best people you can afford, putting in your very best effort and time and and coming out with a music you can stand by any where you are called upon. It begins with you, lets work on great songs today.

2.Social Media

Under estimate the power of social media at your own peril. The world as we know it has been completely revolutionize by the advent of Social Media. Instagrm boast of having more than 1 million monthly users, including you and me i belive. At this point in time,there will be no excuse for not joing the social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, twitter , snapchat, youtube and more. they give you the ability  to interact with millions of people who you could convert into an active Fanbase and grow your craft. I advise you today if you are not on this platforms to join each and everyone of them, but keep two in which you would be more active on. There is a lot to be learnt about social media, read write ups on how to boost our chances to be discovered as an artist through social media or visit for necessary advice.

3. Attend Music Events & Shows

You must make sure you attend events and shows that other artiste especially does who are faring better than you in your music career are attending no matter the cost. You have to find a way to be at some events and shows because you never know the opportunity awaiting you and who you might run into. Socialize,mix up,integrate,this are key words that should always be at the front and center on your mind as an artiste.Bring out your most charming self, attend events and look forward to find an opportunity to meet record label executives, big artist, companies and more.Do remember, don’t be a bother and don’t be a stalker, every interaction must be done in a high level of suave and finesse. Another advantage you get from attending shows and live event is that you get to see first hand how performances are handle, you get experience of learning from bigger more know artiste and picturing your self dong same or even out doing your mentors and role models.

4. Blogs 

Blogs have become a way of life since the explosion of the internet. There are blogs that cover almost every aspect of our lives and thee are so many great music blogs that many music fans and lovers frequent everyday. To get your music in front of the right people and fan base, you would need to get your song on many of this blogs. You could easily find their mails and try sending your new materials to them for viewing and if some require a fee from you for uploading you try to bargain at a rate that’s comfortable for you. A much easier method is working with a song promoter who helps you avoid the hassle of dealing with so many blogs, as many times this events can affect creativity. Contact for an affordable quote on promoting your single.

5. Collaborate with Other Musicians

Collaboration is an often an under looked aspect of music promotion. It’s a great way to get your music in front of a new set of people and convert them into a ready fanbase. You can collaborate on pretty much anything. Just make sure you collaborate with musicians whose fans would appreciate your music. Choose to work with bands in a similar genre or with similar fanbase demographics.

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Udom Godwin Nsikan

CEO Mega Hit Zone/

Udom Godwin Nsikan is the founder and CEO of Mega Hit Zone. He has worked with countless upcoming & A list artist in content distribution & promotion, while managing & running a standard music recording studio.
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