Land Sponsor in LekkiLand Sponsorship has become the easiest and best way to own a piece of real estate or large piece of landed property in a fast developing environment without investing much capital. As the fastest developing city in Lagos Nigeria, Lekki with its master plan has shown to become soonest the next to DUBAI with great international projects on the way like DANGOTE REFINERY, 4TH MAINLAND BRIDGE,LEKKI FREE TRADE ZONE and so on.
How do you benefit from Land Sponsor in Lekki you may ask?We offer our clients (Nigerians Home and Abroad) the opportunity to sponsor the surveying of community and individual large hectares of land in different parts of Lagos state and Nigeria for the Purpose of Development and to assist the community or family apply to Government for the release of their excision (Gazette) since excision cannot be released without the land being Surveyed.
The Lekki peninsula was acquired by the Lagos state government through the land use decree act. This means that all rights of ownership of land by the local communities once they are virgin land,were revoked by the Lagos state government.
The concerned indigenous and traditional rulers of the towns, villages and settlements affected by notice of revocation of right of occupancy have been agitating for the release of their land from acquisition since then.
The Lagos state government recognized that they have to provide land for future generations of indigenous of these communities whose lands were acquired, then agreed to provide requested communities and families the excision certification (GAZETTE). In order for such land to be approved or gazetted, the survey plan must be presented to the Lagos state Government.
For such surveys to be carried out in any community Land, Finance is involved. But since some local communities may not be able to afford the bulk cash for such a project, they are willing to give out large Plots of land in exchange for cash invested by sponsors.
So we are Looking for investors, individuals, Corporate and international bodies to sponsor some available Acres of Land in these Locations: 
Lekki Free Trade Zone Axis and Ibeju Lekki 
Epe along the Proposed International Airport
Badagry and its Axis
Eleko beach area and many more HOT Properties in Lekki
What is the Sharing formula you may ask?
The higher acres of Land you sponsor, the higher amount of Land you can get. The basic truth is you can start with less than what you would have paid to acquire a plot of Land around the environment as land pricesSky-rocket higher and higher every day in Lekki and its axis.
NOTE: Presently land sponsorship goes between 10 Million Naira and 15 Million Naira depending on the location, agreed price with the family and size of the Land required to sponsor.
Success Story: In 2015 Mr Richard Chinedu sponsored a Land survey of Over 700 Acres of Land within the Lekki axis for 15 Million Naira only and by 202O, the prices of land around that community have appreciated very high to N15 Million Per Plot.
So if Mr Chinedu has gotten the share of 100 Plots of Land as the sponsor with only 15 Million Naira then, today he is worth over 1 Million Naira as Lands in Lekki APPRECIATE FAST every day.YOU can also use your CAR to secure land in acres/hectares depending on the type of car.
For details and inspections of the available lands for sponsorship. 
Please contact us via our Hotline.
+2348032402661 or Whatsapp +2348032402661 Attachments area

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