Mc Galaxy stole Dotman artwork concept for new single – TMAQ

Many times I keep wondering if our artist don’t make research or understand the factor for being different all they do is copy. A good artist makes research to create new sounds, lyrics, artwork, marketing strategy and many more.This is to show Mc Galaxy and is team don’t know what they are doing, stealing someones concept for artwork this is a no no no no.The original artwork belongs to Dotman for his single titled (Till I die) the song was release October 10th 2019 the artwork was also illustrated with animation video for Till I die.  to my surprise Mc Galaxy using same artwork for is new single that was released today, 1st of February 2020 single tilted (Valentine).Here are the different things you would see the face of Dotman replaced with Mc Galaxy’s face, the lady in the picture, name of artist and song title. I really don’t understand if the fault Is from Mc Galaxy’s or his graphics person? If it’s the graphics person he needs to sued why steal someone’s creativity and for Mc Galaxy he really needs to work on himself and management because this could cost him more.I do hope this reaches him and he comes out to say something meaningful, I think he needs to pay for damages if we were to be in a well established country where things are put in place, the original graphics person and the owner of the artwork will be smiling this will fetch them a lot of money.I feel the graphics person lazy and needs to be properly oriented, we deceive apology for the graphics person and Mc Galaxy. The truth is the original artwork was a competition by Dotman on Instagram and the winner was rewarded with $100, why steal someone’s creativity Mc Galaxy?WRITTEN BY TMAQ

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