Music: Joy Oladipo – Asiko mi

ASIKO Asikomi tito……….A song inspired by the holy Ghost ,the potter who supernaturally fixes up every broken pieces of my Life!Asikomi Tito is a song that would fill every empty space in your life… the creative force of power! unfathomable, unquestionable, unsearchable, irreversible…will miraculously touch your life. Download, Listen and Share with colleagues.

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  Joy Oladipo – Asiko mi lyrics
 solo 1.Lord you show me the wayYou healed my brokennessYou turned my life aroundMy song will drop as the rainYou are my God and God alonePerfect in all your waysYeahhhhh…..The one who his and lives to come.I will live to bless your name.
Chorus… Asikomi TitoAgogo mi ti luOlorun(EMI mimo)ti pa ase Si aiye miAsiko mi ti to 
Solo2 Give ear oh heaven’s and I will speakToday am stepping higher (yes I am)His made me to ride upon my high places…Asiko mi ti to.Lord I trust …Lord I trust you Yeah,yeah.Lord am changing groundAm stepping upwardStepping up to the high calling…Am pressing forward to the winning side… mmmmh…mmh.Am going to the land flowing with milk and honeyJesus has set me free(yeah)Am free LordAm saying…Asiko mi ti to
Repeat chorus..
Am pressing forwardAm breaking grounds ..yeahAm pressing forwardAm breaking new groundsTowards the mark Asiko mi ti to.
He his the rockI am that I amThe Lord that saved me he rescued me …yeahTurned my life aroundMy soul would bless the LordAsikomi mi ti toRepeat chorus.

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