Music: David Etta King – God Is Everywhere [ @DavidEttaKing ]

United States Base Award winning, anointed Gospel music minister, recording Artist, songwriter, singer, Author of Over Four Books and trainer, whose music ministry has taken him to several nations and Continents to impact lives Minister David Etta King has released a new sound from heaven title “God Is Everywhere”
This song was birth in prayer from the book of Jeremiah 23:23–24 “Am I a God at hand, declares the Lord, and not a God afar off? Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord. Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord”

When we say God is ubiquitous, we are saying that the fullness of His presence is located everywhere. It is not as if the Lord’s “head” is located on earth and His “foot” elsewhere in the universe. Instead, the fullness of His being is equal at all times and in all places. This immensity does not refer in any sense to physical size. In part, it signifies that His love, wrath, mercy, justice, knowledge, and so on, are fully present everywhere in creation and beyond.

Even though the Lord is fully present everywhere, this does not mean we always feel His presence equally. He is free to make us feel His proximity more strongly at certain times and in particular places (for example, Ex. 3:1–4:17). Yet, though we may not feel Him strongly at all times, we know that He is always present with us nonetheless (Ps. 23).

Minister David Etta King is the CEO of David Etta Ministries of which the Fragrance of worshipm is an arm. With a di aimed at making kingdom worship Global. He is also called to train and equip music ministers for effectiveness in Ministry. He has released Two albums To his credit
1. Voice of change  2. Worthy Lamb. has released Three singles , Winner for life  ,No one ,You.

God is Everywhere Lyrics by David Etta
I asked my selfWhere can I go from your presence? In the water?On the Land? Above the sky?
God is Everywhere God is Everywhere  God is Everywhere God is Everywhere 
In the water, you are thereOn the land, you are there Above the sky, you are there You live in Me (2x) 
Pre-CH:O, O, OO, O, O, OO, O (2X)
Chorus:In the water, you are thereOn the land, you are there Above the sky, you are there You live in Me (2x) 
The earth is the LordsAnd the fullness thereof No matter what you’re going through   My God is there In God and the bad times    My God is there   
When you’re poor or lonely     My God is there   

You are thereYou are there for meYou are there

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