Masta T, Jaiy Klassyk and more storms Eleniyan Concert @gbetutv

Industrial music producers, Masta T and Jaiy Klassyk stormed the Eleniyan Concert hosted by music finest, Mr Gre8.

The event held at Monapesa event centre, Apapa, on Saturday, 20th July, brought together the best of music and entertainment in general. 

The Eleniyan Concert marked the double step of Mr Gre8 into the Nigeria Entertainment Industry as all attention was keyed on his EP which dropped same day with high responce and after demand for CD’s.

Producers, Masta T, Jaiy Klassyk and others were present to support the EP launch as they were part of its success. 

Holding the red-carpet was Gbetu Tv’s own Chris Da Phoenix, who kept the celebrities attentive while tipsy.

In simple words, Jaiy Klassyk via Facebook says,

Eleniyan Concert Was A Success… All For My Bro @mrgre8

Appreciating, Mr Gre8 says, 


I want to use this to thanks each and every one of u guys
For all the support and love 
U really make yesterday a memorable day for me to always remember in my life
….ELENIYAN concert/listening party was fun ..through your present / your financials and the love  u all showed me
Thanks so much may almighty God always bless u in abundant and grant u your hearth desires 
Thanks ….MRGRE8 ELENIYAN a.k.a GIran federal ๐Ÿงณ๐Ÿงณ๐Ÿงณ๐Ÿงณ

Next EDITION of Eleniyan Concert must not be missed…signature made.

Watch the Show Below:

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