King Lia – Shine (Prod. Princewill Lichy

Simply put, “Shine” is a cool song that tells a tale of love and betrayal, of trust and letdown, laced with sarcasm. The first verse tells of the singer addressing an unknown friend whom she’d cared for and brought from their lowest to a greatest point and the song transcends to her asking this friend turned stranger a rhetorical question who seems to have forgotten suddenly the good old days when they were still friends, with the singer telling this stranger-friend to go on and shine having gotten the attention and pity of all. Since in her own sarcastic words “stars are meant shine.” The verse two follows same sequence to the outro where the singer reiterates that it wouldn’t be the death of her.  The song’s title again is ironical in it’s sense as the shine that comes to one’s mind immediately is quite different from what the artiste seemingly intends to convey.  The lines of song come in handy with the recent turn of events in South Africa. The singer reminisces in this pop genre song while subtly condemning the xenophobic attacks ongoing in South Africa. #NoToXenophobicAttacks

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