“I am not an Upcoming” – Hotice Exclusive talks to bloggers

PH city’s renowned hit maker “Hotice Exclusive” who has been underrated over the years has finally spoken up on the issues of recognition in the city.He claims to be an A-List act who has giving the city hits back2back but yet not given the respects and recognition he deserve.

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Quoting Hotice Exclusive “If there’s anything like Uprising or Upcoming Artists in Port Harcourt, I’m not one of them!If you don’t recognize me, I recognize myself. Nobody should compare me with any artist, nobody should mention me on a Port Harcourt artist Line ups! Don’t mention me when they’re looking for the best because the best is yet to come. Just know that I’m an Artist from Port Harcourt that’s going to make this city proud. Port Harcourt is a starting point and not a ground for battles; from here we reach out to the world.”  

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