US Based Nigerian Artiste C-Max Weds In California And Releases Short Wedding Clip


Love Is A Beautiful Thing, The Celebration of Black Love has taken a new turn globally. Maxwell Okoh aka “C-Max” and his wife Bridget Ngozi Okoh wedding left guest feeling like they attended the epic Eddy Murphy movie “COMING TO AMERICA”. It was nothing short of Royalty, a blend of the Nigerian Rich Igbo culture and Black American culture. Guests were thrilled with lots of performances like Igbo cultural dancers , masquerade and more…..One of the highlights of the wedding was Maxwell’s special performance to his wife. C-Max new song Paradise was written by him specially for his queen. The other highlight was a high energy performance that his wife and her friends did specially for him.Wedding location: Glendale, California, USA.
Enjoy watching the highlights of the evening.

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