Show Dem Camp – No White Flags Ft. Rotex , Tems & Philow

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Have you listened to ShowDemCamp’s “These Buhari Times” Project? We have and we find it to be a great work of art . Our favorite track so far has been the “No White Flags”  track which features rising stars like Phlow , Tems and Rotex. Rotex in particular brought a different type of soul (Oyato)to this song that we can’t really put into words . We do know though that It’s raw and original in its intention, its clear in message and we can relate totally. Tems added her spice here and there and Phlow did the hip hop community proud by her understanding of the theme with a verse to suit. SDC was ofcos SDC. Ghost is soooo underrated , so is Spax. The talents on the song tells us as Africans that with our creatives , there’s hope. PS: word out is that Rotex is working on his project which is predominantly produced by Spax, to be released before he end of the year. We can’t wait! Tems has a few songs coming too. Check out Phlow’s “Asuai” MiniEp too.

Listen below and enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Show Dem Camp – No White Flags Ft. Rotex, Philow & Tems

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