Africa is beautiful, Africa is blessed, Africa is home. So this time, I decided to work with the popular African Fabric & Ankara & and with much attention to details I came up with Ankara dresses made
out of buttons and cones, Ankara shoes, Ankara hat, Ankara earrings and even our finger nails were made out of Ankara. This project was so much fun. Also just because December is my month, I decided to join @lucia_oyedele and also be my muse. To add more to the fun, I asked mum as well to be my muse. I worked with very creative minds, @A1imagecr8tivity the talented and hardworking photographer and @esteetouch the amazing makeup artist. This collection portrays Elegance with style and creativity. My name is Selemon Susan Funke and I am proud to be an African . This is AnkarAfrica with family and friends. Have fun viewing each piece I made.


More Photos Below:-


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